Dude, that was friggen awesome... love it!! Brittany Walters Dickson. Wow !! very very cool vid. Darryl Jenkins

Marcel Irnie presents
GoPro TV Commerical Demo #1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 23:31

Marcel Irnie films 600 superbike with a GoPro boot camera, riding a 2008 stock R6 supplied by   Marcel passed Brad Delong on the last lap for 4th position.  See video teaser!
August 14, 2011

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:06
Center of Gravity 2011 Photo Album PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 01:57

IrnieRacing's Superbike Racer/Photographer/Video Producer, Marcel Irnie created a large photo album from the 2011 Center of Gravity.

COG 2011 Photo Album 

Samantha makes this uncompetitive bike look fast...  very fast!

Last Updated on Sunday, 24 February 2013 16:50
Irnie Pulls Off Stunning Win in Portland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 25 July 2011 19:48

OMMRA Round 4, Portland International Raceway, July 16-17, 2011

In the week preceding Round 4 of the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association (OMRRA) series at Portland, Marcel Irnie had no intention of even attending the event. The motor in his 2005 zx6rr was blown and his chronically under-powered 2008 zx6 was going up for sale. Marcel was looking forward to dirtbiking after the recent rain storm in Kelowna BC.  When he finished editing his video from OMMRA round 3 (Trail Blazers), he sent it over to David at Redline Motorsports.  When David heard that Marcel would not be making the trip out to Oregon for round 4, he made an offer that soon turned into an exciting opportunity for Irnie. Redline had a 2008 CBR1000RR available and offered it to Marcel for the weekend. Irnie had never ridden a 1000cc Superbike, not to mention a Honda, but he was anxious to take Redline up on the offer. His 600cc machines were not only uncompetitive; they were also becoming increasingly unreliable. This would be Irnie’s chance to prove himself on competitive machinery.  

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 March 2013 07:51
IrnieRacing 1st in Formula Ultra... on a borrowed bike! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 15:38

David Slater and Marcel Irnie celebrate winning Formula Ultra at Portland International Raceway July 17, 2011.  This was Irnie's first experience riding a 1000cc superbike, not to mention a Honda.  With only one practice session in the wet, Marcel put down the fastest lap time...
1:23.005.  Irnie continued the fast trend with the fastest lap in the race, a 1.19.105 on the IrnieRacing Superbike.  On the Friday trackday, Irnie put down a 1.08.200 in the dry after only three 15-minute practice sessions.  All with used takeoff tires ofcourse.   :)      This is Marcel Irnie's first Pro win.

Check out on-track photos by Ryan Phillips below.  (click Read More...)
As per usual, Marcel filmed all the action with his trusty GoPro HD cameras.  See Full press release and Irnie's HD video documentary, "Pacific Wonderland."

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2012 19:22
OMRRA: The Trail Blazers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 13 July 2011 12:02

Oregon Motorcycle Roadracing Association.
Portland International Raceway
Jun 25-26, 2011

Marcel Irnie's weekend documentary featuring GoPro HD's on-board video, and the pit atmosphere in the City Park.

No time for Press Release (just pictures), as I'm going racing right now!...thx too



Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:08
Elbowz Irnie Staves Off Mechanical Issues in Portland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 03 June 2011 09:54

OMMRA Round 2, Portland International Raceway, May 21-22, 2011 

After taking a month off to heal a broken hand, Marcel Irnie would return to racing at round 2 of the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association (OMRRA) series. Marcel traveled to Washington and met teammate Aaron Holmberg at Nel’s Dyno Tuning on Wednesday night prior to the race weekend. They would attempt to extract more horsepower out of Marcel’s notoriously anemic 2008 Kawasaki zx-6r. Nels installed a PC5 fuel injection module, and was able to richen the engine’s air/fuel ratio to bring the bike from 103 horsepower to 110 horsepower at the rear wheel. As many of his competitors’ newer 600 cc bikes would be generating upwards of 125 horsepower, this was an improvement but still far from competitive. Nels noted that the bike seemed to be overheating on the dyno. Not much was made of this observation at the time, but as the weekend unfolded, this problem would prove be a major headache. As Marcel’s (more competitive) Fuzimoto/ Falco/ Redline Motoparts 2005 zx-6rr was still down with transmission woes, he would have to keep flogging his 2008 machine and also race in the 750 class on Aaron’s Impact Canopy/ Oneononedesign/ KFG Racing 2007 Suzuki GSXR.  

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:09
Holmberg Battles Forward PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 14 May 2011 10:42

Wmrra Round Two- Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA April 30-May 1, 2011 

With Marcel Irnie recovering from a hand injury sustained at the first race of the season, teammate Aaron Holmberg would carry the IrnieRacing banner for round two. Irnie traveled to Washington to man the pits for Aaron and chronicle the weekend with video and pictures.   

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:10
Marcel Irnie Injured in WMRRA Opener PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 10 April 2011 14:54

WMMRA Rd 1, Pacific Raceways, Kent WA, April 2-3 2011

After a long winter sabbatical, Irnie Racing got back to competition at round one of the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing (WMRRA) series at Pacific Raceways. This past winter was a busy one for Irnie Racing as Marcel worked hard to secure partnerships with sponsors and refurbish his racebikes. A big change for the 2011 season is the introduction of a teammate for Marcel with Aaron Holmberg of Pacific Washington coming aboard. Aaron brings a Suzuki GSXR 750 to the team. 

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:12
IrnieRacing 2010 Greatest Hits Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 20:42

Marcel Irnie produced a compilation HD Video featuring the greatest moments, passes, crashes, and burnouts from 2010.   Youtube:

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:12
Irnie Closes Out 2010 Season at Portland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 November 2010 02:03

Youtube:  (teaser)
"OMRRA: She's Wet" Length: 47 min, Quality: 1080p or 720p
Paypal/Email Transfer Donations are very much appreciated.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

OMRRA Round 6, Portland International Raceway, Portland OR, October 23-24, 2010

Marcel Irnie of Kelowna BC traveled to Portland Oregon to finish up his 2010 season for the final round of the Oregon Road Racing Association (OMRRA) series. Irnie arrived a day early to bring his bikes to a local dyno tuning shop. Despite the fact that Irnie spent a lot of time battling for podium spots in 2010, he knew that his bikes were underpowered compared to the competition. Dynamometer testing showed that both his 2005 and 2008 600cc Kawasaki’s were 20 to 22 horsepower down from Canadian National Pro 600cc legal limit. The shop was able to adjust the computer mapping on the 2005 unit to reach a respectable 115 horsepower. The proper wiring sub-harness was not available for the 2008 bike, so nothing could be done to improve it for now. As the 2008 unit was set up for wet-weather racing and there was plenty of that in the forecast. A mere 103 horsepower would have to do.  

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:26
Irnie Podiums and Crashes in Portland Oregon PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 10 October 2010 13:13

Youtube:  (teaser)

"Keep OMRRA Weird" 
Marcel crashes out of the lead in 750 superbike. 

Photo by Matthew Eaton     Marcel slides out of the race in style.

OMRRA Round 5, Portland International Raceway, Portland OR, September 25-26, 2010
After Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie equaled his best-ever US finish with a 4th place at Seattle in mid-September, he was anxious to get back to the Pacific Northwest for more spirited competition. This time Irnie traveled to Portland International Raceway, to race with the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association (OMRRA). Irnie had not raced at PIR in three years, so he would have to reacquaint himself with the flat, high-speed course. Irnie scrutinized the course through the Friday practice session. On a well-worn set of slick tires, he managed to set a respectable lap time of 1:11.55.
Last Updated on Saturday, 09 March 2013 15:28
Irnie Racing Closes Out Washington Series for 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 22:14
WMRRA Round 7, Pacific Raceways Seattle WA, September 11-12, 2010.

Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie travelled into Washington State for the final round of the 2010 Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) series. This was to a be a busy weekend as the WMRRA had to fit in extra races to make up for the shortened opening round back in April . Irnie would be racing three times on Saturday and two on Sunday.
Last Updated on Thursday, 10 November 2011 12:45
Irnie goes Two Seconds Faster in Washington PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 24 August 2010 00:44

WMRRA Round 6, Pacific Raceways Kent, WA Aug 14-15

After Marcel Irnie spent June and July battling hard for podiums on the Parts Canada Superbike Series, he was anxious to see how much his game had been raised. He travelled to Kent WA to rejoin the competitive
WMRRA series; the series in which Irnie had toiled all spring. The Canadian series was triumphant in many ways as Irnie was on the podium for 3 out of 4 races and at times battled for wins. Irnie had gained much speed and confidence in Canada, but was happy to put his stormy summer behind him.

Part ONE

Part TWO

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 August 2010 20:15
Trophies and Controversy at Mosport PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 26 July 2010 10:11

Mosport International Raceway (a contraction of Motor Sport) - Bowmanville, ON Rounds 4-5 July 8-11, 2010

HD VIDEO Documentary Part One.

HD VIDEO Documentary Part TWO  (NEW VIDEO August 6th, 2010)

Five days after earning second and third place honors at the Calgary rounds of the Parts Canada Superbike Series, Amateur Sportbike class contender Marcel Irnie embarked on the 5000 kilometer trek to the legendary Mosport race circuit for rounds 4 and 5. Calgary had been a tumultuous affair for Irnie as he enjoyed the highs of leading races and standing on the podium to the lows of being placed on probation two weeks later by series officials with no specific information as to the reason(s). Marcel used the Wednesday, July 7th track day to ride the track for the first time.

The Mosport track is legendary and many great racers have raced there.  Halewood, Villeneuve, McLaren, Baldwin, Crevier, Szoke, and up-and-coming superstars Jodie Christie, Cody Matechuk, Steven Nickerson and Raphael Archambault.  The venerable circuit has many elevation changes and blind corners, so learning the track and gaining confidence would be a daunting task. 

Last Updated on Monday, 30 August 2010 09:30
Irnie Scores Double Podiums in Calgary PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 01 July 2010 17:20

Parts Canada Superbike National Rounds 2-3 June 24-27, 2010

Saturday Sportbike Rd2 (Part ONE)

Sunday Sportbike  Rd3 (Part TWO)


Last Updated on Thursday, 26 August 2010 21:26
Irnie Survives Seattle Superbike RD4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 19 June 2010 16:42

WMRRA Round 4 Pacific Raceways Seattle WA, June 12-13, 2010 

Photo by Darren Beatty

Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie has been toiling in the ultra-competitive Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) circuit all spring in preparation for this summer’s Parts Canada Superbike National. Irnie traveled to Pacific Raceways near Seattle to hone his skills and finalize bike adjustments before the Calgary National at the end of the month.

To start off the weekend, Irnie took part in half of the Friday track day. He used this time to put more miles on his Seattle Tool 2008 zx-6r. His trusty 2005 race bike has been used for the bulk of his races so far, so more testing was needed to determine which bike will be best for racing in the Calgary Natonal. 

Saturday brought sunshine and the first warm weather racing of the season for IrnieRacing. Irnie’s intense physical conditioning program would pay dividends in today’s heat. The first race of the day would be the 750 Supersport race. Irnie opted to ride his 2008 600cc unit against the faster 750cc bikes. Starting from the second row, Irnie entered the first turn in fourth spot when disaster nearly struck. The rider to his right swooped into his racing line causing Irnie to lift off the throttle in heavy traffic. He missed the rider by millimeters, but the sudden deceleration caused two trailing riders to rear-end Marcel.  Irnie recounted, “Kevin Klemmer and Andrew Brackett were coming up behind me and when I lifted off the throttle to avoid a collision, I was hit hard. Kevin hit my left handlebar, bending my clutch lever forward. His brake lever was bent upright.  We both separated into head shakers. I managed to bring my bike back under control at an estimated 150kmph. Kevin was not as lucky. His handle bar was ripped from his right hand, and he was falling off his motorcycle to his left. He was right off the seat, only hanging on with his left hand and it looked like he was going to fall off, but then Brackett ran into Kevin.  Brackett's shoulder pushed Klemmer back onto his motorcycle and they both went off track.”

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 22:05
Irnie Fine-tunes in Spokane PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 03 June 2010 20:28

Spokane Motorsports Park, Spokane WA May 30, 2010

Superbike racer Marcel Irnie of Kelowna enjoyed a productive, albeit abbreviated trip to Washington State for a May 30th race at Spokane Motorsports Park. Leading up to the weekend, weather forecasts predicted wet, stormy weather for the Saturday race, but pleasant conditions for Sunday. Irnie opted to skip the Saturday races and instead get set for Sunday. His decision paid off as Sunday turned out to be sunny and relatively pleasant. Irnie had considered saving his resources and skipping Spokane altogether, but felt that he needed to get more racing under his belt before the Calgary Superbike National in a month. As Marcel had not been to the Spokane track in over a year, he would have to relearn the nuances of the technical racecourse.

Last Updated on Monday, 21 June 2010 17:01
Irnie Treads Lightly in Washington PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 17 May 2010 21:32

Pacific Raceways, Kent WA May 8-9, 2010 

For a couple of reasons, Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie went into round 2 of the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) series at Pacific Raceways with some trepidation. First, a recent knee injury suffered in a dirt bike crash left Irnie wondering whether he was fit to ride. Second, fresh in Irnie’s mind was a spectacular 130 kmph crash that ended his last race at Pacific Raceways just four weeks earlier. April was not exactly a banner month for The April 3rd race-crash left Marcel scrambling for replacement parts for his damaged 2005 Kawasaki zx-6rr. The April 25th dirt bike training accident had Irnie spending many hours with his physiotherapist and personal trainer as they performed intensive therapy on his injured knee. Before his departure for Washington, Roy from Pinnacle Physiotherapy left him with the stern admonition. 

"No wipe outs...    Definitely no wipe outs!"   Roy Gillespie

This did little to help Marcel's confidence.  For this event, Irnie mounted two GoPro HD cameras on his bike and one on his helmet. As usual, he has produced an HD video chronicling the weekend.

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 May 2010 11:12
Marcel Irnie Gets Early Jump on 2010 Season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marcel Irnie   
Saturday, 10 April 2010 17:09

News Publications:

Superbike racer finishes strong in Seattle
(Kelowna Capital News, April 13, 2010)

Mixed Weekend for Irnie  (Inside Motorcycles, April 12, 2010)

Local racer has mixed start to year  (Kelowna Daily Courier, April 12, 2010)

Motorcycle road-racer Marcel Irnie of Kelowna BC, traveled to Pacific Raceway near Seattle Washington to participate in the opening round of the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) which was held on April 3rd and 4th. This was Irnie’s first ride of the season.

Irnie worked hard throughout the winter, not only preparing his bike, but also gathering new sponsors. Some valuable new partnerships were formed that will add some exciting new dimensions to Irnie’s 2010 campaign. New sponsor
World Gym Kelowna provided a personal trainer ( who has been working very hard with Marcel. With an increased emphasis on physical conditioning, Marcel hopes to hit the track in the best shape of his life. To improve his motorcycles, Irnieracing was pleased to team up with Dave Alexander of Fluid Suspension Science.  Mr. Alexander will provide suspension setup consultation as well as research and development. Marcel was also excited to transport his race gear in a new Royal Cargo 7x16 trailer with help from new sponsor British Columbia Trailer. As an experienced filmmaker, Marcel will chronicle the events with five new HD Hero cameras supplied by new sponsor GoPro Irnie films everything from on-board race footage to his adventures as a privateer on the road.    

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 May 2011 09:09
Irnie's Eastern Canada Superbike Documentary 2009: Shannonville PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 27 February 2010 12:54



Marcel Irnie presents his Eastern Canada Superbike Documentary 2009:  Shannonville Ontario

AMSOIL-sponsored motorcycle road racer Marcel Irnie spent 6 weeks out east in the latter part of the summer to compete in the final two rounds of the Parts Canada Superbike Series. A hard crash ended his race on August 9th in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia.  He then made his way back to Shannonville, Ontario and lived in a tent until the race weekend of September 3 – 6!  Such is the life of a privateer! Unfortunately Marcel didn’t have much better luck in the final round.

There’s no question that Marcel was very competitive this year, but poor luck and mechanical issues robbed him of valuable points. With the proper financial backing and competitive equipment we see Marcel vying for the series title in this class next year. 

Marcel films randomly from the 'Second Person Perspective' and talks with fellow racers and crew including:
Brett McCormick, Jordon Szoke, Andrew Nelson, Steve Crevier, Bodie Edie, Cody Matechuk, Billy Shields, Efram Ellenbogen, Royce McLean, Jodi Christie, Sebastien Tremblay, Marcos Dongarra, Pascal Picotte, and the Go Lo Girls.

Last Updated on Saturday, 27 February 2010 13:21
Irnie's Eastern Canada Superbike Documentary 2009: AMP PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 11:14

Marcel Irnie from presents his Eastern Canada Superbike Documentary 2009:  AMP Nova Scotia

The Parts Canada Superbike National in Shubenacadie Nova Scotia.   August 9, 2009
Irnie drives seven days (76 hours) across Canada, from Kelowna British Columbia to Shubenacadie Nova Scotia, to attend Round 6 of the Parts Canada Superbike National. 
Atlantic Motorsport Park was built in 1974, and is famous for its "roller coaster" back straight, and physically demanding course design.  Occupying a 377 acre site, it is a 2.5km (1.6 mile) 11 turn road circuit, with original cracked pavement.

Marcel films his entire 10,000 Mile journey from the "second person perspective," with a unique film style he likes to call "active editing."

Marcel films randomly and talks with fellow racers and crew including Brian Blaauwendraat, Jim Brooks, Bodie Edie, Todd McLean, Steve Crevier, Jodi Christie, Billy Shields, Brett McCormick, and Efram Ellenbogen. 

After Nova Scotia, Marcel visits Kreater Custom Motorcycles in Mississauga Ontario for rest and repair.  Marcel will then venture to Shannonville Ontario where he must camp four weeks till the final national in September.

Last Updated on Saturday, 27 February 2010 13:05
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