Marcel I really enjoyed your last saturday race videos. You are definitely becoming a premier Videographer! You're the most likable 'showoff" I know LOL! :-) John Lippis

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Saturday, 19 June 2010 16:42

WMRRA Round 4 Pacific Raceways Seattle WA, June 12-13, 2010 

Photo by Darren Beatty

Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie has been toiling in the ultra-competitive Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) circuit all spring in preparation for this summer’s Parts Canada Superbike National. Irnie traveled to Pacific Raceways near Seattle to hone his skills and finalize bike adjustments before the Calgary National at the end of the month.

To start off the weekend, Irnie took part in half of the Friday track day. He used this time to put more miles on his Seattle Tool 2008 zx-6r. His trusty 2005 race bike has been used for the bulk of his races so far, so more testing was needed to determine which bike will be best for racing in the Calgary Natonal. 

Saturday brought sunshine and the first warm weather racing of the season for IrnieRacing. Irnie’s intense physical conditioning program would pay dividends in today’s heat. The first race of the day would be the 750 Supersport race. Irnie opted to ride his 2008 600cc unit against the faster 750cc bikes. Starting from the second row, Irnie entered the first turn in fourth spot when disaster nearly struck. The rider to his right swooped into his racing line causing Irnie to lift off the throttle in heavy traffic. He missed the rider by millimeters, but the sudden deceleration caused two trailing riders to rear-end Marcel.  Irnie recounted, “Kevin Klemmer and Andrew Brackett were coming up behind me and when I lifted off the throttle to avoid a collision, I was hit hard. Kevin hit my left handlebar, bending my clutch lever forward. His brake lever was bent upright.  We both separated into head shakers. I managed to bring my bike back under control at an estimated 150kmph. Kevin was not as lucky. His handle bar was ripped from his right hand, and he was falling off his motorcycle to his left. He was right off the seat, only hanging on with his left hand and it looked like he was going to fall off, but then Brackett ran into Kevin.  Brackett's shoulder pushed Klemmer back onto his motorcycle and they both went off track.”

Irnie was shaken and concerned that perhaps he had sustained damaged to his swingarm. He quickly regained composure and pace, battling with the riders following him. He finished the ten lap race in 11th spot out of 24 riders and managed to register his best lap time of the season at 1:30.969.

Just thirty minutes later, Marcel was at the line for the 600 Supersport race on his 2005 Falco zx-6rr. He started this race from the back of the grid. Irnie got a clean start but opted to cautiously let the large pack spread out before making his way through the field. If there was one over-riding theme this weekend, it was to get the job done without risking bike or body and putting the impending Calgary race in jeopardy. By lap two Irnie was able to go to work, picking off over half of the field to finish in 13th out of 28 riders. His fastest lap was slower at 1:31.330. Irnie was pleased with a clean race and prepared for Sunday’s events.

For Sunday, Irnie purchased a set of used Dunlop GP211 slicks from fellow Kelowna racer, Jon Friesen. Irnie had only used treaded DOT-style race tires in the past so this would be a big change. Irnie explained, “I have never raced slicks before, or tried such a large DOT tire. With a 125 front and a 195 rear, I was in for a treat. For the past three years, I have only been running Pirelli 120 fronts and 180 rears, due to the Canadian Amateur National Spec Tire. The bigger tires should allow more corner grip, while sacrificing straightaway speed due to the extra rubber weight. I added a tooth to my rear sprocket to make up for the taller tire, so my gearing should be close to what I had.”  

Sunday’s first race was the 600 Superbike event. The slick tires allowed for greater cornering speed. “I had much more confidence mid-corner due to the larger tire, but more-so because I finally had tires with less then 250laps on them.”, joked Marcel. Irnie had been running the same 2009 front tire for all four WMMRA race weekends and a rotating cast of used rear tires, so relatively fresh rubber was a treat. Irnie brought his 2005 unit home in 14th spot out of 28 riders. The hot weather took its toll and Irnie was thankful for the custom training provided by Ryan Brown of World Gym Kelowna. A knee injury sustained in an early spring dirt bike training crash was aggravated during this race, so again with the upcoming race in Calgary in the back of Marcel’s mind, no chances were taken. The slick tires did allow Irnie to cut more time off of his fastest lap, turning in a 1:30.599.

The last race of the weekend was the 750 Superbike race. Irnie was hampered by his sore knee, but still managed another personal best lap of 1:30:258. He brought home his '05 Falco zx-6rr in 15th spot out of 24 riders. The mid-pack finishes were of little concern to Irnie as his goal was to make equipment refinements, improve his fitness and simply log more race time. With the tasks completed, it was back to Kelowna for IrnieRacing.

IrnieRacing is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Seattle Tool. This dynamic company has supplied Marcel with a service cart full of aviation quality tools. Marcel will be providing research and development reports back to the company. The initial response from fans and fellow-racers alike has been tremendous. Says Marcel,” I love my new Seattle Tools! The aviation grade tools and high quality service cart are a must-see. ”Be sure to stop by and have a look at this beautiful line of high-end hardware.

IrnieRacing would also like to offer special thanks to Todd at Advanced Motorcycle Gear for supplying Marcel with Falco race leathers. Marcel says, “I have really enjoyed the comfort and protection offered by my Falco gloves, and I look forward to running my new Falco suit for the Calgary Superbike National!”  Falco is a quality Italian apparel company distributed by Advanced Motorcycle Gear in North America. 

Thanks also to Tara Simpson from OneOnOneDesign for creating the IrnieRacing logo and posters. Next on the graphics front is a new action logo for the Royal Cargo trailer.  Says Marcel, "Tara is an amazing designer, and I can't wait for my new trailer decals to be printed." Tara also designed the new logo, which became an instant crowd favorite. Tony Blue from Blue Streak Racing stated, “Now people actually ask for my stickers.”  Look for the new logo on Marcel's bikes, and Canadian superbike sensation Jodi Christie's race bikes. 

The next stop for IrnieRacing is the Parts Canada Superbike Amateur National round in Calgary on June 23-27th. In the 2009 event, Marcel scored a 2nd place finish in the Amateur Sportbike class. He has been waiting all year to see if he can improve upon this result.  If you are attending the race, be sure to stop by his pits and pick up a limited edition 2009 IrnieRacing poster. They won’t last long! is supported by:  AMSOIL Synthetics, Blue Streak Racing, British Columbia Trailer, EBC Brakes, Falco, Fluid Suspension Science, GoPro, Kreater, Magna-Tech Services, Muller Motorsports, Munro Cylinder Heads, Oneononedesign, Pinnacle Physiotherapy, Seattle Tool, World Gym Kelowna, and Valley Moto Sport.


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