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Sunday, 29 April 2012 19:18

OMRRA Round 1, Portland International Raceway, April 21-22, 2012

Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie journeyed to Portland, Oregon to participate in another West Coast race as he prepares for the 2012 Canadian Superbike Championships. The tough competition and early season start are vital to Irnie’s efforts to ready himself for what will be the toughest season of his career. For this round, Irnie brought both his trusty Dave Alexander-prepared 2005 Kawasaki zx6rr and his awe-inspiring 2012 AMSOIL Bentley Motorrad BMW S1000RR.


Irnie attended the Friday practice session at PIR which brought a mixture of rain and dry conditions. This allowed Irnie to break-in the Kawasaki’s rebuilt motor and put in more saddle time on his new BMW.

Marcel’s first event on Saturday was the Formula Ultra class. Irnie got off to a poor start as he is still sorting out the BMW traction control. He and the BMW redeemed themselves by working up from 11th position to a respectable 4th place finish.

Irnie’s last race on Saturday was the Open Super Sport class. A late departure from the pits had Marcel scrambling to the starting line, so he lined up at the back of the grid. Little did he realize that there were two classes staggered on the grid. He was actually sitting at the back of the Twins SBK class which would be starting several seconds after the Open Super Sport class. Irnie was able to get going some 12 seconds after his class left the line. It took him a full 3 laps to catch the back of the pack, but then he went to work. Irnie charged by all nine competitors and took the win.


First race Sunday morning was Formula Ultra.  Irnie got off to a good start, following Schmidt, Pinkstaff and Verderico for the first few laps. In lap 4 Verderico had a bike issue and slowed to a crawl, giving 3rd to Irnie. Later in the race Pinkstaff followed suit with a flat tire giving up 2nd postion to Mr. Irnie.  Problems always come in 3's, as Irnie also had a minor mechanical and pulled into the hotpit on lap 7, and did not finish the race.

Next race was 750 Super Sport with the Dave Alexander-tuned zx6rr. Starting from pit row, Irnie caught leaders Joshua Melanson and Chuck Bannister and swapped positions with them for the remainder of the event. On the last lap Irnie passed Joshua for the 10th time and took the win with a nice wheelie.

The last race of the weekend for Irnie would be the Open Super Sport Senior class. He would be competing against 750 and 1000cc machines on his old zx6rr Kawasaki. Irnie started from last row and quickly worked his trusty old 600 though the pack. With every lap he felt more conformable and in the process pulled away from the field, winning his third race of the weekend.

Novice/Canadian Amateur teammate Andrew Rogers took the Novice Under class win on Saturday, and finished a respectable second on sunday, making the weekend a overall team success.

The next stop for Marcel Irnie is California, the mecca of motorcycle racing! Irnie will be competing at the famous Thunder Hill Raceway in an AFM (American Federation of Motorcyclists) event at on May 12th and 13th. Marcel looks forward to pitting himself against some of the fastest riders in Northwest and further honing his skills for the Canadian Superbike Championships this summer. 

Team Irnie Racing is sponsored by: AMSOIL Synthetics, Graves Motorsports, Bentley Motorrad, Advanced Motorcycle Gear, Yoyodyne, Idol-Fit, Dave Alexander, KFG Racing, World Gym Kelowna, Pro-Bolt USA, 2Wheel DynoWorks, EBC Brakes, GoPro, Oneononedesign, Woodcraft Technologies, Heroic Racing, Nu-Life Hearing Center, Moto-D Racing Tirewarmers and Armour Bodies.    Please support those who support the sport. 

"Congratulations to Ingo and Dawnette for getting hitched at the track...  First for me.. and great idea bud.  Cheers"
Marcel Irnie

Desktop Background.  1800x1000 pixels.  Photo by Bob Edwards


Irnie showing teammate Andrew Rogers the fast line.  ;)


shot from friday trackday... notice Pirelli/ Conti-sport street tires still on the bike. 


The Stig.


The Dave Alexander rebuilt 05zx6rr.  Two for two wins so far.   Keep on keepin on!


Irnie caught braking from 290km to 100km in 3 seconds.     Bob Edwards Photo.


Good night Portland.. Next Say Hello California!


Power Wheelie to the next State!


It's Always about Fun...

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