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Friday, 23 August 2013 15:14

Welcome to the Center of Gravity 2013 Photo Album by Marcel Irnie.  Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and Like my Facebook Athlete page to support my race resume. / 

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Marcel Irnie with a motocycle fan and bikini competitor at COG.   


Spot Lite girls from COG


My workout buddy Abby.  We train with Ryan Brown from Idol-Fit.


Wicked shirt from Breaking Bad.


Bikini competitor took 2nd place in the finals.

Life Guard on duty

The Norton Commando 750 was very popular at COG


Big smiles for everyone who gets on the Irnieracing BMW S1000RR


Ryan brown from Idol-Fit with a COG Bikini competitor


Hanging out at COG

Basket ball is one of the sports rocking COG.

Photographers out and about

The beemer is back!

Steve Romaniuk runs the dirt zone with buddy Reid helping out.

Mtn bike jumper ready go.


my pit nabour. 


Freestyle MX jumper Reagan Sieg with his lovely wife.  Looks like a new motorhead is on route.


Her first time on a beemer.


Norton getting some attention


Notice the DTP sticker on the beemer?


The next peoples champ?


smiles on the beemer


Marcel with some fans


onto the beemer she goes


success.. she made it on the bike


another big smile.  :)


Irnieracing at COG 2013.  Stop by next year.


a colorful world at cog


girls on bikes


fun on the beemer


things are happening in the irnieracing cog pit


three is better then two


Supporting my nabours hats on the Irnieracing Norton.  Cheers


more fun in the pit


a friendly dancer


fan of the beemer


popular bike eh?


Welcome to the Irnieracing pit everybody


The norton is ready to moto


group hug with the norton


nice smile  :)


moto fan


ready to sail Captain?


Morgan is ready to ride!


Morgan and Marcel capture


cute capture on the beemer


color your world on the beemer


Morgan again!


a couple hippies  :p


Sarah and Ducan enjoying the mx show


group photo!


a random traveller


Say hello to the wonderful ladies of cog


everyone on the beemer 


xoxo on the beemer


nice bike


party on the irnieracing moto


Morgan agrees with the party concept


group photo at cog 2013


to the beach as the Idol-Fit / bikini show is starting soon.


some fun spectators


more spectators ready for the bikini show


nm..  mx show is on first!  :p


the crowd gathers


this is what happens when you land to flat in the MX show.


The only 2-stroke freestyle mx left?


The White brothers running the dirt zone


In the dirt zone


more from the dirt zone


fans in the dirt zone


now that's some pink hair!


spectators drinking near the irnieracing pit


got mtn bike?


My buddy Steve Romaniuk, running the Dirt Zone at COG


the sun is out.  enjoy it


My friends bringing more ice!  


Ready for the SHow? 


These ladies are ready!


a beauty of a view.  


The Okanagan Lake



having fun in the sun


Idol-Fit owner Ryan Brown is head judge.  


the line-up


still warming up for the show


Abby rocking the stage at COG after her win in the Vancouver Figure show.


Ryan Brown - Head Judge


Chanelle says hello!


Thanks for coming out.  The Finals start tomorrow!


back to the pit to support the irnieracing fans.  The next rossi?


Nicole rocking the beemer


coming up next.  Drunk competition..  haha I mean Dunk comp.


the norton always gets the girl(s)


Norton keeps on going.


Maria Young ready to moto the Norton on the b ball court


Maria looking great on the yellow peril


 Irnieracing Norton with Maria on-board wins the Dunk Competition.  


The COG 2013 pit Sunday early morning.


It's a gun show!


Spectators enjoying another sunny day


Please Like to support the sport 


Nice pose you two.


Idol-Fit and worked with Spot-Lite to produce the bikini show at COG 2013.  


Ashley from Spot-Lite.  Ready to get this show started!


Ashley opens the show!


and the winner is!   :p    




Everyone still enjoying the beemer on Sunday Funday.


This guy dreams of riding this bike.


friendly photographer


Things are picking up next to the COG Pit.


Cece is a fan of motorcycles.


Fan with Irnie.


Norton looking good.


Got Dirt?


ready to land




air time with Sieg


Jeff Fehr rocking the backflip twists


going for a landing 



just awesome


remember the square rim earlier in this album.  Lucky to still be walking after landing to flat.


MX moto show at cog


funny costumes


That's it folks.. The COG is almost over.


Richelle Richell!


Good day and good night.    Cheers    


Marcel Irnie
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