Thumbs up Marcel!! Awesome as always. Really nice footage in the rain and some of your passing on the outside. The right side of your tire was messed!  Attila Kovacs

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Tuesday, 29 December 2009 10:47 presents Marcel Irnie's Demo Sled experience.  Not many people would lend Marcel a recreational vehicle!  Not to mention for his first ever sled experience.   "I hope everyone enjoys my sledding adventure in High Definition thanks to GoPro Camera.  I'm just glad I was able to return the sled intact!"

Location:       Grey Stokes, Kelowna BC / Mabel Lake, Enderby BC
Equipment:    2009 BRP Ski-Doo Summit 800R, 146" track,  151 hp Rotax 800R PowerTEK engine, 470 lbs wet.
2-Cycle Oils:   AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil (TDR) / AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil (AIT)

BRP Warranty Update:  Approval Date: 11/24/09
Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) changes its operator’s guides in regards to warranty coverage (19k PDF)

"AMSOIL confronted
BRP about the warranty language in its operator’s guides.  Specifically, AMSOIL asserted that the warranty language violated the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal law which prohibits manufacturers from requiring the use of a branded service/replacement part unless the branded service/replacement part is provided free of charge or is not intended for use in consumer applications." 

"BRP advised that it will modify the language of its operator’s guides as follows:

  • It will no longer say that use of oil other than the BRP branded product may void the warranty.
  • When it recommends a particular branded product, it will ensure that the language is clearly identified as a  recommendation rather than a requirement.
  • It will no longer comment on the availability of equivalents to the BRP brand oil(s)."

Dominator 2-cycle oil is optimized for severe service. TDR contains higher viscosity base oils for best overall protection and additives for higher operating temperatures.  Dominator reduces friction for maximum power, is recommended for exhaust power valves, and burns clean; preventing ring sticking and plug fouling.  Excellent for racing or modified motors. Very good for recreational use.  Injector use or 50:1 pre-mix. 

Interceptor 2-cycle oil virtually eliminates hard carbon deposits that cause exhaust power valve sticking, ring sticking and pre-detonation promoting "hot spots" in the combustion chamber. AIT reduces smoke and odor, helps prevent plug fouling, has a -58'F pour point, and protects against rust.  Interceptor is versatile and excellent for all types of recreational equipment.  Superior lubricity controls cylinder, piston and bearing wear.


400,000 Miles of Severe Snowmobile Field testing With No Deposit Buildup, Power Valve Sticking, Ring Sticking or Engine Failures.
Subjected to adverse field testing conditions in the Rocky Mountains, including long trail rides, high RPM powder riding and steep hill climbs, AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR demonstrated superior wear protection and outstanding deposit control.

No carbon deposits are detectable in the functioning region of the exhaust power valves, resulting in "no stick" performance, continuous valve operation and reduced maintenance.

Cylinder head is clean with no deposits, preventing pre-ignition problems.  Pistons show no scoring, little or no wear and no heavy deposits, and wrist pins show no discoloration from heat. In fact, the original machine markings on the pistons are still visible.

Technical Service Bulletin:  Two-Cycle exhaust power valves

"To bring to light the existence and purpose of a special mechanism referred to as an exhaust power valve used in the two-cycle industry to control the size of the exhaust port."

"The first is how the equipment is used.  Power valve equipped engines that are subjected to extensive idle or operation at continuous low speeds tend to require more frequent service. Secondly, the type and brand of oil used in the equipment can be a significant factor affecting the frequency of needed service. AMSOIL Interceptor synthetic two-cycle oil for instance, has demonstrated superiority in the area of maintaining power valve cleanliness. Not only has this shown through in bench tests but also in the real world of field demonstration."

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