Marcel I really enjoyed your last saturday race videos. You are definitely becoming a premier Videographer! You're the most likable 'showoff" I know LOL! :-) John Lippis

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Parts Canada Superbike National. Marcel Irnie qualifed on the front row.  August 2009, Atlantic Motorsports Park, Nova Scotia


Marcel prefers the drag racers start strategy with two feet on the ground, in a superman like position. 2009 poster created by Tara Simpson from 


After the 2009 Calgary National.  Clint Mcbain, Marcel Irnie, and Cody Matechuk.


Marcel showing students at GoLo Shannonville Ontario Trackday, the correct racing line.  Demonstrating that corning is done with body positioning, not handlebar input.


The more upright the bike, the larger the tire patch on the ground.  By leaning off farther then most, Marcel is able to corner faster, and get on the throttle sooner.


Marcel's recently purchased 2008 zx6r, being tested at Seattle raceway trackday.   Temperary Spray Can paint job.


Marcel gets early season practice racing with the WMRRA in Seattle Washington.   Wideangle photo by Brandon Bones.


Marcel Irnie and Ben Burchel at the 2009 Calgary Superbike National. pit at Atlantic Motorsports Park, Nova Scotia.   Marcel arrived a week early to prepare for the AMP National.  Sleeping in the Arrow Truck Mark 3 Canopy.


Marcel Irnie demonstrating to others how far you can lean your upper body, while still sitting center seat.  With moving the upper body, cornering is achieved with minimal lean angle.


Marcel Irnie and Steve Crevier after Calgary National 2009.

Marcel arrived at Shannonville Motorsports park one month early and camped for six weeks straight in 2009.   Marcel drove 10,000 miles across Canada, so he has no other choice but to stay out East to complete in several National races.


Marcel shows little expression, as he battles with Superbike racers in Seattle Washington.


Shannonville Raceway, September 2009 Trackday.   2008 zx6r               Photo By Rob Maclennan


Irnie Knee down in corner 3 at Pacific Raceway, Seattle Washington.   


Marcel checking tire pressures.  Seattle Pit, October 2009    One 'psi' has a big impact on traction in professional superbike racing.     Typical Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa DOT race tire prssures:  26psi hot (rear) and 31psi hot (front)


Marcel rests after qualifying 2nd at the final Superbike national in Shannonville Ontario, Sept  2009    Photo By Rob Maclennan


Irnieracing AMSOIL helmet with Calgary Superbike National 2nd place throphy.  June 2009


Marcel filming at Pacific Raceway Seattle.   Canon HG21 mounted on gas tank.  


Photo used to create 2009 Poster.  Corner 3 Pacific Raceway.   


AMP, Nova Scotia Canada.  Marcel crashes in this very corner later in the race.   Photo by Matthew Grant


Seattle raceway.  Marcel lifts his knee to dodge the high curbing on corner 8.   Photo By Darren Beatty Photography


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