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Marcel Irnie checking for proper fuel level before the 2008 Calgary Superbike National.  If a racer runs out of fuel in the race, or on the post race dyno, they are disqualified!  


Practice at Shannonville Ontario National Race, Superbike National 2008


 Marcel's first year of racing Superbikes.  Spokane Raceway Washington 2007.


Marcel Irnie's first podium finish in the Superbike National June 2008.   Calgary National 3rd place finish.


After crashing at AMP National practice, Marcel sets up his camera for the race coming up next.


Shannonville Superbike National, 2008


Portland International Raceway, PIR.   Early season practice with the OMRRA before 2008 Canadian National Championship.


PIR, racing with the OMRRA in 2008


Marcel infront of the crowd at the 2008 Shannonville Superbike National


Marcel takes the top podium, and soaks Jodi Christie.


2007 Calgary Superbike National.  Marcel's second race weekend ever.  Marcel placed 5th, and qualifed 1st in Amateur 600.


Repairing crash damage from Superbike racing. 


Marcel and Tara Simpson at 2008 Calgary Superbike National


Marcel Irnie's first race in the rain.   Pacific Raceway Seattle 2007.


Marcel highsides in the rain, wrecking his Tank mounted video camera. 


Marcel continues to slide, watching the ex-factory Tom Kipp zx6-rr slide upside down.  Marcel then slides into the tire wall, and uses his arms to prevent a neck injury. 


Irnieracing poster 2008.  Designed by Tara Simpson from


Calgary Superbike national 2007.


Marcel visits George Tchor, owner and creater of Kreater Custom Motorcycles.


2007 Portland International Raceway. 


Spokane Raceway Park 2007.  WMRRA


Crash damage after Marcel's rain race incident.   Pictured earlier.


Marcel on the Podium at the Calgary National 2008


2005 zx6rr motor.    Titanium Akropovic exhaust system.   Munro-Cylinder Heads Welded case cover.


Titanium toe sliders,  worn right through after attending Portland International Raceway 2008.  OMRRA


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