"To be in 4th place with two broken gears is pretty awesome. So congratulations." Stephen Johnson. 
"You rawk."
MrRyan Brown. "Way to go hard charger!" Neil Heineman

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Friday, 01 January 2010 14:36

Welcome to Rally Time.


I love Rally time!


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2013 Rally Season





Marcel Irnie purchased "Emma" in 2003.  A purpose built 1994 Miata autocross car, with many upgrades including custom subframe braces, race cams, Link ecu, and AMSOIL Dominator 5w-30 Racing Oil.  A very nible lightweight rally car in Marcel's eyes.

 Sunvalley Speedway 2007.  Marcel won the drift competition and King of the Hill.  Marcel's signature move was a 360 infront of the crowd going 120kmph with walls on both sides.   Marcel performed a 360 the next event with full slicks.  "Now that was a challenge..  very scary with the added traction."

Emma finally got injured.  Marcel hit the wall sliding backwards, unable to steer clear this time.   "It is very difficult to let off the brakes, and steer away from the wall, when sliding backwards about to smash the oval wall."

1984 Nissan 300zx.   The first year of the 300z.  The Nissan Z cars are legendary, marketed as a luxery highway GT car.  The 300z was in direct competion with the Chevy corvette in the 80's and 90's.    Marcel's second car, purchased for $2600 in grade 12 highschool.


1978 Toyota Cressida.  Marcel purchased #28 rally beast for $150.  Rear wheel drive, auto transmission, super supple ride, she was a rally beast.    Online video documentary somewhere.

1986 Ford Meteor.  Marcel and Luke Patterson purchased her for $500 at the beach near Brisban Australia.   A great car for beach surfing at Rainbow Beach, until the tide comes back in anywho.   Almost lost the Meteor in the surf, after checking out a ship wreck way down the beach.

1985 Subaru GL    FWD rally beast from Marcel's university years.  The GL was smashed by a crazy little man driving a front end loader.   Marcel sued, and won in small claims court a year later.

1984 300zx with a fresh paint job.   Marcel is attending the Canadian Auto Slalom National in Red Dear Alberta.  Marcel placed 3rd in E Stock.


OBCC autocross at the Grand Ten ciniemas parking lot.  McCurdy Kelowna BC.   Marcel had a streak with 7 wins in a row driving his 1994 Miata named Emma.


RallyX at Big White, Kelowna BC.   The course didn't fair well for Emma, who was only rear wheel drive, with 2 inches of ground clearance. 

Marcel Irnie and Jon Smith racing in the 2009 Thunderbird Rally.  HD Video documentary available online.


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