Nice video! Absolutely craziness when you went into the huge mud puddle ;)  Jenny L Besaw
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Friday, 01 January 2010 14:36

Bangkok Thailand Monk.


Marcel Irnie and Luke Patterson filming "Hostel Backpackers" in Eastern Australia.  


Laos, Lung Prabong local on his classic Honda


Melbourne Australia at night.   Long exposure


Kanchanaburi Thailand.  WW2 War cemetary.  Battle for River Kwai Bridge.


Marcel Irnie and Luke Patterson visit the Tiger Monestary.  Run by Monks, but owned by a White man apparently.  The tigers are drugged so visitors can have a photo opt!    Near Kanchanaburi Thailand.


Marcel Irnie fell on his face near Koh San rd...  In Bangkok Hospital for three days, two nights for nasal septum sergery.  $150 canadian.


Rainbow Beach, Eastern Australia


Full Moon Party Beach, Hat Rin, Kohpanang Thailand.  December 24th 2003.  Day before the Tsumani


Sunset at the top of a mountain on Koh Panang Island, Thailand.


Some Dead Auzzy bug.  Photo by Luke Patterson.   Near Brisban Australia


Marcel filming quality footage for "Hostel Backpackers" travel tv show.   Australia


Photo by Luke Patterson,   The Docks.


Sleeping cat broom.   Bangkok Thailand.  Monk Monestary.


Million dollar sail boat, washed up on shore.  We took the Ford Meteor 10km down the beach, to see the wreck.   Our exit was very scary, as the tide was coming in fast.  We almost lost the Meteor to the ocean.  Video Available


Bangkok Thailand.  Round-about


Bangkok River Boat.   Only 10 baht  (0.33 Can)


Some giant cliffs near Sydney Australia.


Dead Rat Eaten by Red Ants,  LAOS


Somewhere in Eastern Australia.   "About to vanish"


somewhere in Australia. 


Best seat in the house!    Koh Panang Thailand.

Monks in training.  Asking for directions back to  Kanchanaburi Thailand.


Koh San Rd, Bangkok Thailand.    The main tourest rd in Bangkok.  Open 24 hours with five  7/11 stores on one street.


Kid in Laos.


Marcel Irnie filming LAOS locals in a small village along the River Kwai.


Wall Graffiti.  LAOS Police Department


Awesome sunset in Malaysia.


Surfers Paradise Beach, Australia


River Kwai, Laos diesel longboat


Kanchanaburi Thailand, Buggalo Resort    "Little Creek"


Marcel Irnie rents his first street bike in Kanchanaburi Thailand.   A Kawasaki Serpico 150cc 2-stroke, with a sweet top end.  This bike introduced Marcel to street biking, and is the very reason Marcel races superbikes today.  See Serpico 150 VIDEO


Sydney Australia


The Big Wheel, Melbourne Australia


Marcel and Luke hold position for a 10 second long exposure in Melbourne Australia.   The best city in Auz.


Last Photo of Melbourne.   Some sweet structures indeed.   Hope everyone enjoyed my Travel Photos.


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